2008 Meeting Schedule and Events

A complete list of programs for 2008 is shown below.

Date Topic Speaker
Jan. 9 Annual Meeting—Elections
Topic: Bring and be prepared to discuss material that is not your "normal" collecting area
Jan. 16 Two Hundred Years of Montserrat Postal History
Montserrat, one of the Leeward Islands in the British West Indies, has an interesting postal history that belies the size and population of the island. This presentation covers the development of the mail system, starting as early as 1769, and includes the first recorded use in 1804 of the very rare first datestamp, the Montserrat Horseshoe.  It continues with highlights of the various stamp issuing eras up to the middle of the twentieth century.
Peter McCann
Sarasota, FL
Feb. 6 2,000 Miles in 24 Hours—The First Airmail Route
The 1918 decision by the Post Office to establish a regular scheduled air mail service was met with many problems. The long term goal of the Post Office was to establish a dependable transcontinental air ail route. Items are shown from every flight in the experiment that resulted in establishment of the private contract airmail contracts (CAMs) in 1926-27.
Patrick A. Walters
Denville, NJ
Feb. 20 Tasmania
This presentation is mainly on the first issues of Tasmania known as "Courier" stamps, subsequent to the author's article in the August-September 2006 issue for the Courier 4 pence.  This will refer to the paper variety known on 1 penny stamps in comparison with the paper used for 4 pence stamps. Also some examples of "Courier" stamps on cover will be shown to highlight the typical usage of postage rates and routes.
Koichi Sato
Kawasaki, Japan
Mar. 7 Youth and the Future of Philately
or: "How Can Philately Compete with the Fascination of Computers?"  In an age of computer whiz-bangs and shortened attention spans, does philately have a chance of attracting new adherents?  Nancy Clark answers an emphatic "Yes!"  She has coordinated and supported education with stamps for more than 30 years.
Nancy B.Z. Clark
Marstons Mills, MA
Mar. 19 Northwest Postal History
Featured material will include fur-trade mail by canoe brigade, establishment of the first post offices west of the Rocky Mountains at Astoria and Oregon City in 1847, private competition to the government mail by early express companies in the 1850s, gold-rushes to Idaho and Eastern Oregon in the early 1860s, steamboat markings on the Columbia River and Transcontinental railroad influences from 1869.
Dale E. Forster
Portland, OR
Apr. 2 Grandma's House (1870–1950)
This display division exhibit includes a wide variety of philatelic material, interspersed with Cinderellas, ephemera, advertising covers and cards, and an array of unusual collateral material, many pieces of which actually belong to ancestors of the exhibitor.  It "visits" each of the rooms and areas of a house, showing various features of each location.
Barbara Harrison
Ringoes, NJ
Apr. 16 Schism in the Kingdom of the Netherlands:  The Belgian Revolt 1830–1839
Following the Napoleonic era, the great European powers wanted to create a barrier to the north of France to prevent future expansionist designs.  During the Vienna Congress in 1814 and 1815 , the areas to the north were combined to form the new Kingdom of the Netherlands, but the artificial union was doomed to fail.  By 1830, Belgium declared its independence.  This presentation explores the postal consequences of those events..
Kees Adema
Fairfield  CT
May 7 Annual Awards Dinner—Honoring Lichtenstein Awardee Charles J. Peterson  
May 21 Precanceled Rarities Arnold Selengut
Temple Terrace, FL
Jun. 4 A Lifetime Treasure Hunt Kenneth J. Kutz
Darien, CT
Jun. 18 Saudi Arabia Tarik Alireza
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  Summer Recess  
Sep. 3 South Africa:  De La Rue and the Early Twentieth Century Stamps Brian Trotter
London, UK
Sep. 17 Victorian Natal Keith Klugman, M.D.
Atlanta, GA
Oct. 1 U.S. Mails Carried by Water:  Seventeenth Century to GPU Hugh Feldman
London, UK
Oct. 15 The National Stamp Collection and Its Future Cheryl R. Ganz
Washington, DC
Nov. 5 The Club Monte Carlo Visits the Collectors Club
Nov. 19 The Postal Stationery of Chile Ross A Towle
San Francisco, CA
Dec. 3 The Postal Stationery of Cyprus Alex Ioannides
Dec. 17 Board of Governors’ Open House  


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