2012 Meeting Schedule and Events

A complete list of programs for 2012 is shown below.

Date Topic Speaker
Jan. 11 115th Annual Meeting—Elections  
Jan. 18 National Identity—Stamp Designs of the Series 1902
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Roger Brody
Watchung, NJ
Feb. 1 Baltimore Postal History Pre-UPU
The presentation demonstrates that a single city can be used—if it has the correct attributes—to illustrate the postal history of a country. For the United States and the time period I chose, these attributes include: to have existed in the Colonial period, to be a port city, to have some railroad connections. Most importantly Baltimore was a major commerce center and there is a reasonable amount of foreign mail; in addition having locals, carriers, postmaster provisionals, and a Civil War connection is a bonus. The presentation highlights items that are special or unique to Baltimore using the structure and context of the exhibit which is organized by rates. There are four major sections: distance zone rates in sterling currency, distance zone rates in cents, the 5¢ and 10¢ uniform rates and the 3¢ uniform rate period.
Patricia Stillwell-Walker
Lisbon, MD
Feb. 15 A Walk Along Nassau Street
Join us as we recreate this magical three-blocks of stamps and stamp collecting. Meet many of these 100 hundred dealers through their postal history, ephemera and the advertisements they generated. View the splendor a 12-story office building with more than 40 stamp dealers! Meet Stamp Dealers Herman "Pat" Herst Jr., Percy Doane, Robert A. Siegel, The Burger Brothers, Max Ohlman, J. Murray Bartels, the legends of Nassau Street. Be prepared for an exciting and fun adventure as we tour "The Street!"
Steven Rod
S. Orange, NJ
Mar. 7 The First Definitives of the Finnish Republic Robert Hisey
Sebring, FL
Mar. 21 Early Victoria Foreign Mail Routes
The 2011 Champion of Champions Winner, The Half-Lengths of Victoria, 1850-1859, will be on display with a presentation of a subset of the 128-page exhibit material, combined with other covers, to put the Half-Lengths in their postal-history context.
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John Barwis
Holland, MI
Apr. 11 Zanzibar Postal History, 1837–1905 Gary DuBro
Santa Fe, NM
Apr. 18 Secured Delivery Leading to UK Registration (1450–1862)
This presentation shows how the development from the first known secured delivery postal system led to the introduction of registration and to then show how this first formal system of registration developed through to the rapid expansion in the use of registration with the reduced 6 d registration fee and growth in World trade upon which Europe grew financially strong.
Alan Holyoake
Gerrards Cross, Bucks, England
May 2 Lichtenstein Award Dinner  
May 16 Our Neighbor to the East: The United Nations Postal Administration
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David Failor
New York, NY
Jun. 6 Postal History of the French Colonial Allegorical Group Type: Use from Senegal, French Sudan, and Senegamia & Niger
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Ed Grabowski
Westfield, NJ
Jun. 20 Postal History of the Issue of 1847
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Gordon Eubanks
Pebble Beach, CA
  Summer Recess  
Sep. 5 "Doc, I Need a Drink." The Story of Taxation of Legal Alcohol During National Prohibition
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Ron Lesher
Easton, PA
Sep. 19 Bavarian Perfins
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Rainer von Scharpen
Mainz, Germany
Oct. 3 Imperial Airways and Its Predecessor Airlines
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Barry Scott
Auckland, New Zealand
Oct. 17 Mail from the French Shore of Newfoundland
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Henk Slabbinck
Nieuwpoort, Belgium
and Jim Taylor
Calgary, Canada
Nov. 14 International Letter Mail Crossing the Italian Peninsula in the Pre-stamp Period (1815–1852)
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Thomas Matha
Bozen, Italy
Dec. 5 Collectors Club Annual One-Frame Competition
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Dec. 12 Board of Governors’ Open House  


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