2013 Meeting Schedule and Events

A complete list of programs for 2013 is shown below.

Date Topic Speaker
Jan. 9 116th Annual Meeting—Elections  
Jan. 16 Origins of the "Boxer Revolt" in China & German Intervention 1900-1901
This presentation will commence with a review of early 19th Century Chinese history and subsequently focus on the rise of the “Boxer Movement”, events leading to the outbreak of hostilities in Northern China in 1900, the Allied Nations’ reaction and suppression of the “Boxer Revolt” ending with a Peace Protocol and its long-term effects on world history in the Twentieth Century. Interwoven in this presentation will be the postal historical aspects involving Germany’s part of the Allied intervention along with on-site showing of a number of frames of postal history from an award-winning 10-frame exhibit.
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Jerry Miller
Glen Ellyn, IL
Feb. 6 Switzerland’s Stamp-Imprinted Envelopes of 1867-1886
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Harlan F. Stone
Woodside, NY
Feb. 20 The Princely Indian State of Soruth
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Danforth Walker
Lisbon, MD
Mar. 6 Cancelled
Mar. 20 Paraphilately and the Usefulness of Lateral Thinking
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Dr. Arthur H. Groten
Poughkeepsie, NY
Apr. 3 SPM—The 1885 Provisional Overprints
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Jean-Jacques Tillard
St. Pierre, St. Pierre et Miquelon
Apr. 17 Victorian Ceylon
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Kathryn J. Johnson
Chicago, IL
May 1 The United States Issue of 1851-1856
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Gordon Eubanks
Pebble Beach, CA
May 15 Lichtenstein Award Dinner  
May 24 NOJEX Dinner
View the video - Early History of the Collectors Club (presented at NOJEX)
Jun. 5 Washington and Franklin Coils
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Gregory Shoults
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Jun. 19 On Dragons' Wings—Chinese Air Mails
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Brian Asquith
London, England
  Summer Recess  
Sep. 11 Boston Colonial Post
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Mark Schwartz
Philadelphia, PA
Sep. 18 Canadian Pioneer Airmail 1918-1922
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Ray Simrak
Maidstone, Ontario
Oct. 2 The Origin and Evolution of America's First Express Company—Harden's Express
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Roland H. Cipolla II
Fountain Hills, AZ
Oct. 16 Under Six Flags – Expanding the Mail Service in Texas 1801-1865
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Vince King
Denton, TX
Nov. 6 Collectors Club Annual One-Frame Competition
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Nov. 20 Indian Stamps of Edward VII
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Steven Zwillinger
Silver Spring, MD
Dec. 4 World Rarities and Uniquities: Sharing a Lifetime Accumulation of Wonderful Philatelic Material
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John Hotchner
Falls Church, VA
Dec. 11 Board of Governors’ Open House  


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