Officers and Board of Governors

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The officers of the Club are elected from among the Board of Governors.

Position Name E-mail
President Mark E. Banchik, M.D., M.B.A.
Vice President Matthew Healey
Secretary K. David Steidley, Ph.D.
Treasurer Roger S. Brody

The Collectors Club Executive Secretary is Irene O. Bromberg, Ph.D.

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Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is elected by voting members to administer the services, functions, activities and maintenance of the Collectors Club.

Class of 2016

  • R. Bruce Marsden

  • Daniel J. Ryterband

  • Wade E. Saadi

  • Henry B. Scheuer

  • Scott R. Trepel

Class of 2017

  • Roger S. Brody

  • E. E. Fricks

  • Edward Grabowski, PhD

  • Nicholas A. Lombardi

  • Michael Bronner, PhD

Class of 2018

  • Mark E. Banchik, M.D.

  • Robert G. Rose

  • Lawrence J. Hunt

  • Stephen Reinhard

  • K. David Steidley, Ph.D.

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Past Presidents

The following table lists all of the past Presidents of the Collectors Club and their years of service.

President Years of Service
William Herrick 1896-97
William Thorn 1898-99
Peter F. Brunner 1900-01 and 1905
Jose M. Andreini 1902-04
John N. Luff 1906-07 and 1922-25
Joseph S. Rich 1908-09
John W. Scott 1910
Dr. J. Brace Chittenden 1911-12 and 1920
Frederick Spiegelberg 1913-14
William Homan 1915
Thomas L. Wells 1916
Theodore E. Steinway 1917 and 1926
Alfred F. Lichtenstein 1918-19
H. M. Wilson 1921
Harry L. Lindquist 1927-30
Charles Curie 1931-32
Beverly S. King 1933
Lawrence B. Mason 1934-36
Arthur W. Deas 1937-42
Robert L. Graham, Jr. 1943-45
Hans G. Zervas 1946-47
Richard S. Bohn 1948-51
Jacob S. Glaser 1952
John J. Britt 1953-54
Edwin E. Elkins 1955
Lt. Gen. C. W. Wickersham 1956-57
Harrison D. S. Haverbeck 1958-60
George E. Burghard 1961-62
John R. Boker, Jr. 1963-64
Herbert P. Woodward 1965-67
Philip Silver 1968-70
F. Burton Sellers 1971-74
H.D.S.Haverbeck 1975-76
Ira S. Zweifach 1977-79
Alex Rendon 1980-82
Louis Gruin 1983-86
Robert P. Odenweller 1987-89
Kenneth Kutz 1990-92
Thomas C. Mazza 1993-2001
Stephen Reinhard 2002-04
Wade E. Saadi 2005-07
Roger S. Brody 2008-12
Edward Grabowski, PhD 2013-14
R. Bruce Marsden 2015-16


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