A Note from Birthe King on "Denmark and WWII" – March 4th, 2015 Collectors Club Presentation

The basis of my display will be my 8-frame exhibit, Denmark: Conscience, Conflict, and Camps 1932-1949, which was awarded 95 points at the FIP exhibition in Australia 2013. Previous versions of this exhibit have been shown at exhibitions in the USA, first in Washington 2006 in five frames. The first seven frames of the exhibit will be interspersed with additional material – mainly non-philatelic – and the 8th frame will be shown as an 8-frame exhibit about the camps, Refugee Camps in Denmark 1945-1949, shown at Paris Timbres 2014 and awarded 85 points. I am an exhibitor in Open Philately, previously called Open Class, and Display Class in the USA, so a variety of non-philatelic material will illustrate the philatelic items, mainly postal history.

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